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Getting Rid of Bats from your attic which includes bat removal, bat pest control, and bat extermination. All bat removal and control projects in Chelsea, MI are done humanely through a live bat exclusions. We have serviced hundreds of home in the Chelsea, MI area and surrounding cities. For information on our bat exclusion program click the bat image.

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We are a local pest control company in Chelsea, MI and we provide many animal control and nuisance wildlife services. Our pest control services around the Chelsea, MI areas are not like that of exterminators. We do not use any types of poisons, fumigation's, bait blocks, or any other harmful chemicals whatsoever. Our animal control programs are simply remove any rodents, birds, and nuisance wild animals and keep them out. Our services include on site inspection, removal, control, prevention, and animal decontamination. Typical calls come from the Chelsea, MI area are because a homeowner may hear scratching in the attic, bats flying out of the home, raccoon's in the fireplace, or birds in an exhaust vent. Our specialty is bat removal, bat control, and live attic pest exclusions. All of our repairs on the home to keep the wildlife out of the attic are always backed with our five year service agreement. Below are things you must know about the wildlife control industry.

  1. Our rodent control, bat removal, pest control, and animal control services are humane and poison free.
  2. Things you should know before choosing your local pest control company.
  3. Getting rid of bats is not as easy as setting traps. 
  4. It's important to hire a full service wildlife control company. 

We are a complete wild animal pest control company in Chelsea, MI and provide a variety of services. Below are a list of animal control services in Chelsea, MI.

  • Raccoon's in attic or chimney
  • Animals living under the deck and you would a deck screening barrier installed
  • Rat/mice problem in the attic or home
  • Birds nesting in the bathroom exhaust vent
  • Bats in the attic
  • Scratching noises in your attic and walls
  • Bad smell in the attic
  • Need attic cleaned out and decontaminated
  • Do not want to use poisons to get rid of nuisance wildlife

We have serviced Chelsea, MI for over 15 years for nuisance wildlife problems such as birds, bats, squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoon's. If you have problem with nuisance animals and are looking for a professional poison free pest control company locally, contact us today.


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Chelsea, mi wildlife control

Local Wildlife Removal Specialist in chelsea, MI

rodent control | CHELSEA, mi

Rodent Control because there are mice, rats, or squirrels in the attic. We perform  live attic pest exclusions to get rid of these attic pest from your home. To exclude these rodents we provide wildlife proofing, control, trapping,   and maintenance program. Also as an added service we clean up rodent droppings and damaged insulation from your attic.

bird control | CHELSEA, mi

Bird Control and Removal because you may have birds in the attic, birds in an eave, or in a bathroom vents. Bird calls coming from the Chelsea, MI area we usually get are for sparrows, wood peckers, starlings, pigeons or chimney swifts.  For more information on birds in Michigan click on the image.

Here Are Some Reasons in Chelsea, MI You May want to Call for Professional Animal Pest Control Services