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Rat poison for mice control can result in slow and painful death for the rodents that consume it. Often times it can take up to 14 days for a mouse or rat to die once they consume the poison. Mice do not choose where they die. Decaying rodents will leave a horrific odor that can last for weeks or months. Mice are not looking for water outside the attic or house to drink and die. These are only what some will tell you. Cats and dogs that eat mice after they consume poison is secondary poisoning could result in your pet to become sick or even die.  ve approach and preventing the mice from returning with outside entry point repairs. 

We offer mice trapping, mice capture, mice extermination, mice pest control, mice removal, and mice control services in the following Washtenaw County, MI cities: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Ypsilanti and all Washtenaw County areas.

A(Covered) 30 day mice control program. We do not use poisons! We provide a safer alternative solutions to rid your mice/rat problem. Your initial service call includes set up of traps (if necessary), one way doors, attic inspection, roof inspection, perimeter inspection of the home and sealing one main entry point. Each return visit thereafter to remove any dead mice/rats we charge a flat rate service fee.  We provide a full written report along with a complete whole home mice/rat proofing estimate to rid your mice/rat problem (This is recommended). Your estimate is always good for 1 year. If a mouse/rat chews through our repairs we will fix it during a paid service call, but the repair will be done at no additional cost for five years. 

(Not Covered) Return visit to remove any traps without a fee. (We return to remove mice/rats 7 to 10 days later upon requested appointment). Any new openings chewed through by mice/rats are not covered, but can be fixed at an additional fee.  New roofs, weather damage, or any other damages to the outside of your house will void your mice/rat repair warranty. New scratching after your 30 day mice/rat control program will not be covered without a service fee if. We do not guarantee mice/rat removal jobs passed our 30 day control program as they can return by chewing new openings at any time. Our repairs are strictly designed to control your mice/rat problem, cut down on entries and runways. 60 percent of all homes can be completely mice/rat proofed, but not all homes.  Quarterly or annual maintenance programs are best to solve your mice/rat problem.

Mice inspection

Hear Scratching? Seeing mice running around or in your home? Once this happens we recommend having a mice inspection. This may be the most important step.
The inspection phase happens like this:
1. Initial check of your attic, roof, and perimeter with a mice removal pro.
2. Explanation of findings both in the attic and on the outside of your home. 
3. Full written itemized estimate to solve your mice problem.

Often we get calls from homeowners about a mice infestation. They report hearing scratching in the attic or signs of mice in the basement. First instinct is to hire a pest control company to place poisons throughout your home. We have discovered a more humane and effective approach to solving a mice problem.

First thing is to Identify entry points and potential entrances of mice into your home or attic. Next you may try a live exclusion. You can do this by locating entry points and installing one way devices to get rid of mice from your home or attic and prevent them from returning. If that does not work the next line of defense is mice trapping. Traps are strategically placed either in the home, basement, or attic to capture all unwanted pest and rodents. Most importantly you need to seal of potential entrances. Mice can never be 100% prevented because like all rodents they can chew and gnaw their way into your home. However mice can be controlled and deterred from entering your home or attic. Sealing up the structure of your home will keep open run ways closed to further prevent easy access of the mice. 

Many pest control companies offer quarterly or yearly treatments or poison programs. Each time you are required to pay a service fee and a treatment fee. After a years time you will end up paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars for dead mice/rats in the attic. We recommend taking a proactive approach and preventing the mice from returning with outside entry point repairs.

A More In Depth Look At Mice Control

other mice control solutions

-Keep home and storage areas clean.
-Keep food stored in containers.
-Peppermint oils in nesting areas.
-Keep bird feeders away from home.​
-Keep brush piles away from home.
-Store wood or log piles away from home.
-Caulk around plumbing and wires. 

our mice control program

Need mice or roof rat removal from your home, attic, or basement? Consider our poison free program to get rid of mice. The removal phase happens like this:
1. Starts off with a complete home inspection. During the home inspection we identify entry points into the home, attic, and basement.
2. Strategic placement of traps wherever the problem in your home is identified.  Seal up the exterior of your home and if necessary instillation of one way trap doors. 
3. Return visit to reinspect and removal all the one way door devices and traps.

Quarterly Mice Poison Programs Cost More Over Time

Choosing Poison Free Mice Removal and Control is a Better and More Humane Method

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