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Professional Wildlife Removal Services 

certified wildlife specialist

After your initial call to discuss your wildlife problem we will send a certified technician to complete an inspection of your home to further discover your wildlife problem. What can we do for you?: 1. Complete inspection of your home. Attic, roof and perimeter check. 2. Remove nuisance wildlife and prevent them from returning.3. Clean-up contaminated waste from your attic and add new insulation.

Professional Wildlife Control

serving washtenaw county, mi

At Michigan Bat Control and Wildlife Solutions of Washteanw County, MI we provide all types of wildlife controls services. We service areas such as Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Manchester, Milan, Saline, and Ypsilanti. For a specific service we over click on the image below.

Initial call

Talk to a wildlife specialist about your nuisance wildlife problem. Things to consider when you make your initial call: 1. Where is the problem animal or bird located? Attic, garage, under deck, etc. 2. Are you Located within our service area?   3. The more questions you ask and the more explanation you give us will help us out.

Innovative Wildlife Solutions​

Our trucks are all equipped with ladders, traps, and exclusion systems to solve your wildlife problem. We use new advance technologies to solve any pest problem. We go where wildlife go: 1. Animals do not make it easy. They live in high roofs and tight hot attics. 2. All trucks are equipped with a 6, 20, 28, and 32 foot ladder. We also stock a 40 footer. 3. Each technician uses safety harnesses and cougar paw boots to climb steep roofs.

We are a full service wildlife management company. We perform bat removal and animal trapping and relocation services. Once the bats or animals are excluded and relocated we perform all the necessary repairs to keep wildlife from returning. If animals cause any damage to your insulation we can perform full service attic restoration clean-ups of bat feces and damaged insulation.

Michigan Bat Control and Wildlife Solutions expert wildlife technicians can take care of any animal problem. Whether it’s bat removal, live trapping, mouse control, squirrel exclusion, or anything else, we can help! We offer wildlife pest control services in the following Washtenaw County, MI cities: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Ypsilanti and all surrounding Washtenaw county areas.